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Easy blueberry muffins

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Easy blueberry muffins

You only require one particular bowl to make this straightforward blueberry muffins recipe with blueberries, flour, sugar, vanilla, and vegetable oil. We’ve been creating these muffins for many years and are constantly satisfied that we did. Jump to the Effortless Blueberry Muffin Recipe or view our fast recipe video to see how we make them.

Observe How We Make Blueberry Muffins

How to Make The Ideal Blueberry Muffins

These blueberry muffins are fast and easy with a moist and tender center bursting with blueberries and completely golden brown leading. They are added effortless to make, too.

Blueberry Muffin Elements

Fresh or frozen blueberries work in this recipe. It’s difficult to find sweet fresh blueberries all yr round. Thankfully, this doesn’t avert us from getting our blueberry muffin repair! When using frozen blueberries, add them when they are even now frozen.

We use all-purpose flour, but you can use one hundred% entire wheat flour or a combination of complete wheat and all-goal flour. A gluten-cost-free flour mix also performs. Just hold in mind that shifting the flour from all-goal will affect the texture of the muffins somewhat.

Granulated sugar helps to make the blueberry muffins flavorful and tender. You can swap for other sugars (brown sugar or coconut sugar, for example), but the texture of the bread will adjust somewhat. I also enjoy including a sprinkle of sugar to the muffin tops just prior to baking, which turns into a crackly prime.

Oil is my favored fat to use when producing these blueberry muffins. I generally use butter when baking since I enjoy the flavor, but right after testing these muffins with each oil and butter, we located that the oil produced much more tender muffins.

Milk is my go-to liquid for baking muffins, but if you are dairy-free, milk options like unsweetened almond or coconut milk will perform.

Egg supplies framework and stability to the muffins. We use one egg. If you do not eat eggs, you can try out employing a flax egg rather.

Baking powder is our go-to leavener for these blueberry muffins.

Salt and vanilla extract include taste to the bread and make them taste incredible.

How to Make Blueberry Muffins in Three Simple Steps

When you understand how effortless these muffins are to make, you’ll want to make them in excess of and over again.

  1. Whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, and a little salt in a huge bowl.
  2. Include oil, an egg, milk, and vanilla extract then stir with a fork until blended.
  3. Mix in the blueberries, div >

How To Make Mini Blueberry Muffins

Our recipe can be employed to make a variety of muffin sizes. Use our recipe to make the following:

  • Eight big-topped, bakery size muffins
  • Ten normal-dimension blueberry muffins
  • Twenty to twenty-two mini blueberry muffins

This blueberry muffins recipe can be used to make twelve normal-dimension muffins or 22 to 24 mini muffins!

What Our Readers Are Saying

If you don’t think that our recipe assists you accomplish the very best blueberry muffins from scratch, get a seem at what our readers are saying about the recipe! Far more reviews are in the remarks part below.

“These are incredible! So straightforward and delicious.” – Mary

“These are the best blueberry muffins ever! Best crusty leading, moist and delightful. Effortless to make and simple elements.” – Trish

“Bakery top quality! Very best blueberry muffins I’ve ever manufactured!” – Andrea

A lot more Muffin Recipes

Considering that sharing this recipe and understanding just how much you really like them (see all the critiques beneath!). We have shared a handful of more recipes for muffins that use a quite related batter. Take a appear at these:

  • For a somewhat more healthy take on these muffins, try out our Wholesome Banana Blueberry Muffins. We add whole grains, ripe bananas and decrease the sugar. Most importantly although, they taste excellent!
  • Fresh Strawberry Muffins with a little spice from cinnamon and black pepper — the black pepper may look odd, but it is tasty with fresh strawberries. The batter is quite related to this recipe!
  • Attempt our Classic Chocolate Chip Muffins with brown sugar, sour cream, a vanilla-scented batter and lots of chocolate chips. There’s a small sour cream added to the batter to make it extra tasty, and you can even include blueberries or strawberries for a fruit-chocolate mixture.
  • Try out our Ginger Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins manufactured with fresh ginger, fresh or frozen blueberries and oats. Plus a spoonful of vanilla-scented glaze to make almost everything that a lot better.
  • And whilst it isn’t technically a muffin, this Simple Homemade Banana Bread Recipe with ripe bananas, flour, butter, eggs, and spices is a reader favored! It has lots of valuable reader evaluations. We also have a more healthy consider on banana bread right here.

Recipe up to date, originally posted December 2012. Considering that posting this in 2012, we have tweaked the recipe to be far more clear and added a swift recipe video. – Adam and Joanne

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