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Lentil soup recipes

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Lentil soup recipes

A >Naturally thick and loaded with veggies, this lentil soup is so easy to make! Just dump ingredients into a pot and let the stove do the cooking for you!

Effectively, here we are once again. An additional new yr, one more resolution, and a warm and filling recipe to aid us on our way. Due to the fact often a traditional recipe is all we need to fulfil our hearts and get us back to when issues had been simple and lifestyle was less complicated.


This is THE lentil soup I grew up with. My mom would make this for us at least when a week, and she would include anything at all to it: pork, chicken or beef. Personally, the pork version is the one particular I crave til these days, but for now, I’m keeping this lentil soup easy and leaving the meat/chicken/pork element up to you! And I’m not kidding when I say this soup is filling. I indicate, FILLING. Entirely loaded, you don’t need to have to serve this with anything else!


1 of the best soups you will ever make, guaranteed!

Cook your onion, garlic, carrot and celery.
Throw in lentils.
Add in tomatoes and potatoes.
Mix by way of remaining ingredients.

Adding MEAT

You can most surely add it in, like we did here in this Warm Chicken and Pumpkin Lentil Stew! When it comes to poultry in this soup, I favor the darker meats such as thighs, as breasts tend to dry out. You can of course use breasts if you prefer!

These are my ideas only, using one pound (or 500 grams) for boneless, and two pounds (one kilo) for bone in meats:

  • Skinless bone-in chicken thighs
  • Diced chicken thigh fillets
  • Skinless chicken drumsticks or drumettes (you can both depart bones in when they have cooked in the soup, or take away them and shred the meat back into the soup).
  • Pork chops (bone-in ) — my favourite. As soon as they are cooked in the soup, remove the bones and shred the pork, then combine the meat through the soup. Delicious.
  • Pulled pork (use this Carnitas recipe. After pork is cooked, just add it into the soup.)
  • Bacon
  • Ground beef
  • Chuck steak lower into 1-inch pieces

All of these alternatives can be additional after stage one in this recipe. Enable the meat to brown, then add in the lentils and proceed the recipe from there!


NO! Personally, I really like the texture of this soup manufactured from scratch. Lentil soup is scrumptious when the lentils are simmered from scratch in all of people flavours and develop a good, creamy texture from the beans into the soup. You don’t need to pre soak them!

Even so, like this ten-Minute White Bean Parmesan Spinach Soup where we use canned beans as a time conserving answer, you can use canned lentils if that’s all you have on hand. If using canned, include them in for the duration of the last five minutes of cooking. They don’t require prolonged as they are pre-cooked.

Then of program, dip some bread into it like there’s no tomorrow. I made a batch of these Personal Garlic Breads to serve with ours!

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