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Plantain recipes

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Plantain recipes

Sumptuous Plantain Recipes – Tasty Plantain Recipes making use of ripe and up ripe plantains – from appetizer to dessert , that are confident to please even the most discerning palates .

As you may know, I’m a big fan of plantains in any form. Plantains are this kind of a versatile meals that many recipes can be manufactured utilizing them. Several confuses plantain with banana primarily simply because they appear related but when it comes to versatility, I say plantains are the clear winner- Even far better, they are low-cost and healthier! And the truth that they fruit all yr round, plantains are considered a reputable all-season staple food.

Now if you have plantains at property and are wondering what to do with them or If you’re ready to include plantains to your menu but aren’t certain how, you’re in luck! Here I share some of my preferred simple and delightful Plantain Recipes.

  1. Baked Plantain Frittata (Baked plantain and eggs)- A healthier and scrumptious consider on fried plantains and eggs. Here, I came up with a reduce calorie different of this popular breakfast a lighter version of this meal – baked with really minor oil and nonetheless downright delightful, 1 that I can indulge in, and not have to fear about hips. Get the RECIPE Right here.
  1. Plantain Mofongo with Shrimp Sauce- Fried mashed plantains infused with garlic, bacon, and chicharrones (fried pork skin) stuffed with a succulent tomato, garlic, parsley, shrimp sauce. This is a mashed plantain taken to another degree. The shrimp sauce is just like cake icing. True comfort food at It’s ideal! Get the RECIPE Here.
  1. Plantain Pancakes- Wealthy, tender, & delightful Plantain Pancakes, like pancakes but with a sweet plantain taste. Great for Breakfast or make it for dessert with coconut sauce. Merely scrumptious and satisfying! Get the RECIPE Here.
  1. Plantain Bread- Want to include yet another recipe to your overripe plantain repertoire? There is nothing at all much better than using up individuals funky, ugly searching plantains that search like they must be in the trash already. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you make this incredible tasty plantain bread? Get the RECIPE Right here.
  1. Bacon-wrapped Plantain- Plantain with a touch of heat, wrapped with bacon and sprinkled with spice. They are pure indulgence and Just Irresistible the sweet and smoky flavors of the plantains and bacon produce really an explosion in your mouth. Effortless, but delightful appetizer, snack and/or breakfast. Get the RECIPE Here.
  1. Plantain Lasagna aka Pastelon- This is a Latin- Design (Puerto Rican) lasagna that is a combination of sweet and savory, with spiced beef, sandwiched in layers of plantains, and topped with cheese and or eggs. It’s like no other lasagna you’ve ever attempted just before! Get the RECIPE Right here.
  1. Stuffed Baked Plantains- Roasted plantains filled with seasoned ground meat, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, and spices, topped with cheese for lunch, dinner or even breakfast- quite comforting! Get the RECIPE Right here.
  1. Poulet D.G – A super flavorful French inspired Cameroon chicken dinner – certain to tantalize your taste buds. Loaded with garlic, herbs and greens. Delish! Get the RECIPE Right here. or Right here

This is great! I adore everybody of these recipes… Was truly pondering what to do with my overripe plantains and made the decision to google it. Enjoy what I discovered..

Thank you for these! My good friend has designed allergic reactions to potatoes and rice so I was hunting up issues to cook for her that would be tasty as effectively. These are ideal!

imma africanbites says

Thanks for stopping by! These are totally crowd-pleaser. Satisfied cooking!

Look up recipes with chickpeas as well. They’re a very good different to potatoes and rice.

I am so thrilled that I discovered you because I have been consuming plantanes my complete daily life but it’s constantly wonderful to find new recipes. I can’t wait to attempt some of these. I’ve had piononos in the past but now I know how to make them!

Me also! Adore plantains. Happy cooking!!

Superb .. do you conduct instruction of any type. Am super instrested

Sorry I don’t at the minute.

I adore plantains the only how I know how to do it is fry and cook l typically cook or fry it nearly each and every day thanks for your concepts I absolutely Will attempt some of these recipes.

You are going to love them. Do allow me know which ones you attempt out . Thanks.

Thanks for these recipes!! I manufactured the minced meat stuffed plantain and it was awesome….. wish I could post a picture of it.

Bummer! I bet it looked actually excellent. Thanks for letting me know.

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